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 Catering Equipment Range

Extensive Range of Kitchen Smalls

Buffet Buffetware - chafing dishes of all qualities heated either by spirit jelly or by electric element. Straight or rolltop, round or rectangular, classical or contemporary.



Heating - selection of plug-in appliances. Fries, toasted sandwiches, breakfast grills, water urns, microwaves, ovens. 

Processing -
Band saws, mincing tenderising and sausage making equipment. Meat slicers, vacuum-pack machines, chippers, juice extractors. 


Kitchen ScalesScales - full range of scales, stainless steel tops, scoop or plate, variety of weighing capacities.


Utilities and smallsUtility and Smalls - all the gadgets you need. Ladles, whisks, knives, scoops, mixing bowls, pots and pans, garlic crushers, can openers - you name it, we've got it! 

 Catering Equipment

Industrial and Commercial Catering Equipment

Cook Chill supply the full range of industrial and commercial catering equipment. The range can be broadly classified into these groups:

  1. Blast Chillers and Freezers - These are refrigeration cabinets which use fiercely-driven cold air to rapidly bring down the temperature of hot food so it can be safely stored (either in chilled or frozen form) for future re-heating. Allowing foods to cool without refrigeration can be extremely dangerous as it will allow harmful bacteria to develop during the long cooling process. Any kitchen which needs to have pre-cooked, chilled food must have blast refrigeration.
  2. Distribution Trolleys - Easy to move trolleys for distribution of food. Full range of industrial and commercial catering equipment  
  3. Re-Thermalisation Ovens - Re-thermalisation is the re-heating of pre-cooked and prepared meals which have been chilled or frozen. Re-thermalisation ovens ensure that the nutritional value of the food is retained, as well as the full flavour and texture of the food. Cook Chill have the sole agency in South Africa for the supply of the Burlodge range of ovens,
  4. Kitchen Smalls - This covers the entire range of equipment required in a kitchen. From toasters, scales, food processors and buffetware through to pots, pans, knives and forks.
  5. Ice Machines - These machines provide all types of ice required in daily life - refreshing ice, entertaining ice, industrial ice and sub-cooled ice. The range of ice machines can suit any application - restaurants, bars, supermakets, industry.

Whatever you need, Cook Chill supplies the entire range of commercial catering equipment. Contact Us today for any of your industrial and commercial catering needs.

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PO Box 98962, Sloane Park, 2152
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Cell: 082 491 0380
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 Kichen Design and Installation

Kitchen Design and Installation

CAD drawing of a commercial kitchenCook Chill offer turn-key solutions managing the entire process of installing a commercial kitchen , from design through to installation, as well as providing a full backup service.

With Cook Chill's experience in kitchen design projects, both large and small, you know that your project will be delivered successfully.

>> More about Commercial Kitchen Design and Installation

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