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Medical Storage

 Q-Cart Applications

Catheter Storage - Replace your catheter storage room with a mobile Q-Cart.

Q-Cart for storage of cathetersQ-Cart for storage of catheters
 Q-Cart Applications

Emergency trolley for wards, ICUs, theatres and emergency units


 Emergency Trolley - For use in wards, ICUs, theatres, emergency units. Equipped with oxygen holder, CPR board and bracket.

 Q-Cart Applications

Pre-layout a Q-Cart for a specific doctor procedure


Theatre Procedures - pre-layout a Q-Cart with the doctor's preferred equipment and tools. Layout the cart according to your doctor's preferences.

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 Storage Equipment

Medical Storage Equipment

The Q-Cart is a modern and dynamic way to manage expensive medical materials. From surgical items and equipment required in operating theatres through to linen used in the wards, the Q-Cart has helped hospitals better utilise storage space, secure expensive items and meet doctor and patient needs.

"We replaced 3 dedicated catheter storage rooms with 2 movable Q-Carts." Donald Gordon Hospital, Johannesburg

Medical Storage Units for any Situation

The Q-Cart range provides a variety of work stations and storage unit for any situation.

  • Theatre carts - Q-Carts can be custom loaded with equipment required in the operating theatre. From anaesthetic supplies, to catheters, to doctor specific surgical items.
  • Recovery carts - a Q-Cart emergency trolley is equipped with an Oxygen bottle holder and CPR board and bracket for use in theatre recovery areas, ICUs, emergency units and wards.
  • Ward carts - patient supplies can be wheeled to the bedside for treatment. The clear acrylic top provides a useful work surface. Q-carts are also used as linen trolleys.

Look at some of the applications of the Q-Cart to see how you can benefit from using the Q-Cart range. The Q-Cart has not only been used in hospital environments, it is such a flexible and effective storage solution that it has been used by Vets and Dentists as well!

 Q-Cart Benefits

Benefits of the Q-Cart

  • All Q-Carts are fitted with a lockable rollfront door, ensuring that your expensive equipment is kept secure.
  • Lockable security drawers can be installed in the Q-Cart for restricted items or medication.
  • All drawers are made of clear plastic which gives you easy and quick access to the items you need.
  • The carts are light making them easily movable reducing the need for built-in fixtures and additional space.
  • The carts are not stainless steel, but a manufactured from a material that will not interfere with other hospital equipment.
  • The well designed storage containers ensure that the Q-Cart looks neat and reflects the professional image of your hospital.
  • Flexible options allow you to configure a Q-Cart that meets your specific needs.
  • The rugged design of the Q-Cart ensures that your investment will not only save you money by reducing space requirements and securing your expensive items, it will also last for years!

Contact Cook-Chill to see how you can save money with this modern and dynamic way to manage expensive medical materials.

 Q-Cart Features

Features of the Q-Cart

The Q-Cart has been designed and refined over years to make sure it meets the needs of a hospital environment. Some of the unique features of the Q-Cart are:

  • Tow Hitch - a stainless steel tow hitch can be fitted to your Q-Cart, enabling 2 carts to be attached for distribution. The tow hitch flips under the cart when not in use.
  • Bumper - the corners of the cart are covered with non-marking rubber to protect walls and other equipment.
  • Drawers - The drawers are clear, thermoplastic and impact-resistant. Contents can be easily identified without the need for labels. A positive stop on the drawer prevents the accidental removal from the cart. Drawers are selected based on your application.
  • Subcontainers - a range of different sized subcontainers are available to allow you to organise and arrange small items neatly within the drawers.
  • Security Drawer - a security drawer with a lockable epoxy-coated lid can be used to hold restricted items. The drawer can be opened without removing it from the cart.
  • Pulling Handle - recessed steel handles enable you to move the Q-Cart around easily.
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